Friday, October 24, 2008

Carina and her horses

My friend Carina just had a birthday, and she invited me over to spend two nights with her. We had SO much fun!!! Her family is very nice, and I enjoyed the visit a lot!

As many of you know, I LOVE horses!!! And she has two adorable horses. Their names are "Lucky" a 25 year old quarter horse, and "Aragorn" a 3-5 year old quarter horse.
They are just so pretty!!!

Lucky and me. He is so gorgeous!!!

Me and Aragorn. He is also very gorgeous, and extremely photogenic!!!

What I liked most about the horses is that I got to ride one!!! It is SO much fun!!!!!!!!! I waited 18 years to ride a horse!!! The first time was about 2 months ago though, I rode Lucky. And now I got to ride him again! He is such a good horse, and easy to love (well any horse is)! I have always wanted a horse. I guess I'll have to keep waiting. Here are some pics of me and Carina riding together in the arena near their house.

Even helping her with her chores was fun!!! Especially feeding the horses, and scooping the manure (its not that bad guys!!!).

We had lots of fun doing other things too. We went to a state park and took a walk with their dogs, we played cribbage (I had to teach her and she likes the game). We had a light saber duel with glow sticks (not to certain who won that though, we cut each other up pretty bad. Lol!)
I loved the visit, and hopefully I'll get to visit them again soon. They are so much fun to be with.

(More pictures later.)


  1. Glad you got to go and have fun with horses. If it helps, I'm 40 and STILL have yet to pet *my* favorite animal (lions! lol!).

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I am glad you got to get away and play for a couple days.

  3. But lions are really dangerous!!! It would have to be tranquilized, or maybe a lion cub.

  4. Yeah me too! Her horses are so sweet!!!

  5. These are great pictures, Sally! You look like you really enjoyed yourself! :) Riding horses is fun, I agree!

  6. I know how you feel about having to wait to get your favorite animal as a pet. If I could, I would have a monkey as a pet but that will never happen. So, I'm settling for a pig! It's called a Little Daisy and it's as small as coffee cup! The only thing is that costs as much as a pedigree dog. :( I'll just have to save up. When I do get one, it will be white with brown splotches and I will namr it Billie, girl or boy.

  7. How cute! Never heard of that kind of pig before. Pigs are cute with their little nose, and springy tail! Hope you do get one someday! :)

  8. Hi Sally. I want to help you a little on your blog layout if that is ok. You may already know this...and if so, sorry to bug you. But if will help you out. When you are editing your layout......go to "template". Chose one of the templates that is not one of the "stretch" ones. I am pretty sure you do not have a minima one right now. If you chose one of the "minima" ones......all of your thngs on your blog (pictures writing, entries ect)will fit in the center area. It will then be much easier to read. Most of the cutest blog backgrounds fit properly when you chose a minima template. If you need hep, you are welcome to call me. Your momma should have my number. Hope that helps :) You are doing great with your blog. I cant believe all you kids are growing up into young adults. Way to go!!


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