Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Drawing fun

I drew this a while back, and my Grandma copied them to her computer and we messed around with them and made them pretty colors. My favorite is the red looking one. Its so pretty! Too bad its blurry. The first one is the original.


  1. I love your drawing, Sally! The coloring of them are very neat as well. Thanks for sharing. Did it take a long time to draw?

  2. Thanks! It was a LOT of fun!
    The face in the heart didn't take long, but the designs all around it took me a few hours. It was fun because I put headphones on and concentrated on the drawing. I want to do another one with more then one face on it soon.

  3. Very unique and original, Sally Girl. I love it!
    My favorite colored one is the last one with multi colors. Very cool.

  4. Lol! Grandma liked that one too! It definitely makes it pop out more.

  5. I like the last one too.... very cool looking.

  6. Oops! Grandma commented too, but I accidentally rejected instead of publishing! Argh!

    She said, "Yah, the last one looks like she is peeking out a window!"


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