Thursday, November 13, 2008

Egg rolls!

We love eating my moms yummy egg rolls, but the big fryer we cooked them in broke. It had been broken for quite a while, so we missed the occational dinner of yummy egg rolls!  This afternoon, my mom came home with a new cooker, and egg roll fixings. Well as you can imagine, we were all excited about dinner.  Everyone got involved helping make this wonderful dinner!

The new cooker. Pretty ain't it! :)

First, the fillings had to be mixed together. You have to do it with your hands. Brrrr, cold hamburger!

Then you have to roll it up in the egg roll shell.

Then it needs to be fried. I like the sound of the sizzle!

We had to put more frying pans on the stove cuz the food wasn't cooking fast enough.

Savannah enjoyed just sitting and watching.

They look so GOOD!!!

Now all thats left to do, and the best part about the whole thing, ENJOY!!! Can't forget the rice!


  1. Oh my goodness, Sally, that sounds so good right now. I am starving!!!

  2. Congratulations on the new frying pan. It looks great! :)

    Your mom's egg rolls sure are yummy, but they look like a lot of work. Did she pass the recipe on to you so that when you have a family of your own you can make it for them?

  3. Not yet. Its pretty simple to make though, and I'll be sure I know how to make it before then! I also love her au' gratin potatoes, and have made them once. Yummy food!!!

  4. Yeah, I love your mom's scalloped potatoes too. I look forward to having them on Thanksgiving! :)


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