Monday, November 24, 2008

Ten things I'm thankful for this year!

1. Jesus saving grace.
2. The family God gave me.
3. The wonderful friends God put into my life.
4. The house God gave us to live in.
5. The youth conference this year
6. Getting back in touch with a friend who moved away (I miss you Dana!).
7. Spending time with Carina and her horses.
8. My bunny for my birthday
9. Laughs, smiles, hugs, and kisses from younger siblings.
10. Another day to spend with my great big family for a thanksgiving dinner!!! Yum!

I tag Aunty Joy! List ten things you are thankful for this year!


  1. Thanks, Sally! I was planning on posting a blog for things I'm thankful for, but I've just been so busy. Your tagging me will make sure I get it done! ;) Keep your eyes out, I'll do it by the end of today.

  2. I can't wait to come over for Thanksgiving dinner. It is always so much fun when the family gets together.
    I love you. AUNTIE


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